REV Turf Pro


REV’s complex natural organic compound structure and formulation make it effective in almost any growing situation. This all-natural, organic growth stimulant is a great additive for any horticulture, turf, or agricultural application in which you wish to help promote improved growth, strength, and overall health. 



  • 275 gal. totes
  • 2.5 gal. jugs

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All Natural Organic Plant-Based Humus

Naturally-occuring microbes

The humic acid in REV isn't extracted with sodim hydroxide like many other humic products. Because of this, the natural microbe populations go from the field to your jug.

High carbon content

REV is made with DAKOTA peat which is a 10,000 year old highly decomposed, high carbon peat which means more food for the microbes.

improves nutrient uptake

Humic acids in REV bind micronutrients in the soil and are easily absorbed by the roots of the plant. 

pH buffer

Acts as a natural buffer to resist pH change and has a close to neutral pH which won't hurt your soil. 

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