Pro Tender 600


Made to make your job easier, the DAKOTA Peat & Equipment Pro Tender was designed to fill an assortment of containers. The Pro Tender allows containers to be filled from either side of the machine and at varying heights. The Pro Tender can move any material, such as sand, soil, and compost.

With an overall capacity of 10,000 lb., the DAKOTA Pro Tender 600 can fill an array of different height containers from either side of the machine with ease at heights varying from 0-58 inches. The Pro Tender has a 3.5-yard capacity hopper and can move any material – wet or dry, heavy or light.

The Dakota Pro Tender is the only choice for commercial tree pot filling.

Requires 8 GPM minimum hydraulic system and 2,500 PSI

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Width (stock setup): 80.5 in.

Width (narrow setup): 77.5 in.

Height (hopper lowered): 83.3 in.

Height (hopper raised): 109.5 in.

Length: 177 in.

Weight: 3,500 lbs.

Capacity: 10,000 lbs.

Max Tongue Weight: 1,400 lbs.


Width: 69.7 in.

Length: 100 in.

Capacity: 3 yd.3 level

Door Width: 26 ft. front door is hydraulically controlled


Axle and Tires

Tire type: Firestone 16.5-L16.1 Implement

Tire size: 40 in. diameter

Max tow speed: 15 mph

Front Conveyor

Length: 80 in.

Belt Width: 18 in.

Unloading Heights: 35 in. to 60 in.

Side Travel: 14 in. to left, 12 in. to right, 26 in. overall

Conveyor slide: hydraulic drive