Anniston Country Club

Anniston, AL

“My friend, Rod Lingle, at Memphis Country Club, to me about DAKOTA a couple of years ago,” Russell Nichols, the Anniston, AL Country Club superintendent says of his use of DAKOTA Peat in topdressings. “He told me what he was doing with DAKOTA and how he liked it and the results that he was seeing. That’s when I gave it a shot.”

“I used it all of last year in an 80/20 blend in our topdressings. The year before, I did a 90/10. It is doing exactly what I was hoping it would,” Nichols says. “It is turning around the greens that I inherited. They had an infrastructure that was too sandy for the grass that was being grown on them. DAKOTA is doing exactly what we wanted it to do… it’s holding CEC’s, holding and releasing nutrients and growing grass. Overall, it has been a very good soil conditioner for our Champion Bermudagrass greens. The addition of DAKOTA to the rootzone mix has changed our soil chemistry and the lab results are right where we need them to be.”

“We completely renovated one green last year… took off the false front and used an 80/20 mix when we built it up and re-sodded it,” he says. “That green really looks great.”