The history of Dakota Peat & Equipment is one of a company built with hard work and progressive principles. Our family-owned company has been providing high quality products and services to clients for 40 years with the help of many dedicated employees along the way. By depending on feedback from their customers and building products to fit the consumers’ needs, Dakota has created a variety of brands and services across several industries including turf, golf, material hauling, and agriculture.

It started in 1979 when Dakota Peat began providing peat products to turf managers and golf courses. Being located in NW Minnesota, Dakota Peat was able to provide superior peat products that have been harvested from the basin of the ancient Lake Agassiz, which covered the entire landscape from Northern Minnesota across the Dakotas and central Canada. Some of the most fertile land in North America and an expansive region of peat bogs are where you’ll find Dakota Peat. This pre-historic product proved to be invaluable for those turf managers as a tool to create an optimum growing environment for grass to reach its peak potential with consistent results.

 Since then, Dakota Peat has been used in over 30 collegiate and professional sports stadiums along with countless golf courses and is now a brand that is recognized throughout the industry for quality and consistency. Dakota Analytical was added and is an independent A2LA accredited soil-testing laboratory that provides prompt, accurate, and confidential insight to your soils and to assure the best results for your next project.

One of the newest products to come along is Dakota REV. This liquid growth stimulant is derived through our own proprietary process from the rich reed sedge peat for which Dakota is known. Rev can be utilized in any growing scenario from turf to agriculture and is also safe to use in your garden. This organic product can be applied to the soil or directly to the plant’s leaves to stimulate growth of the plant and it’s roots while conditioning the soil and allowing the plant to take advantage of the nutrients already in the soil. These results not only have a chance to increase your yields, they may also help to reduce inputs and impact your bottom line where it really counts.
After their beginnings in the peat business, Dakota noticed a need for blending equipment and started Dakota Equipment to fill the void. Dakota Equipment is built with pride in NW Minnesota and at a level of quality that is second to none. The blenders are used worldwide for turf managers, even in legendary places like St. Andrews. From the original blenders they expanded their lineup to include the Turf Tender line of topdressing equipment in the mid 1990’s. The product lines have expanded further since then too. In 2005, Dakota added tree spades that are know for their quality and safety features including remote controls to give any driver the ability to safely use them from inside or outside of the truck. Hawkes Manufacturing is another piece of the Dakota family that produces side dump and end dump material trailers that are built with the same quality and pride as the rest of the products in the Dakota Equipment family.
Dakota Peat and Equipment is a company you can count on for peat, equipment, and you can trust to use in your garden at home.

Environmental Stewardship Standards

DAKOTA’s Environmental Stewardship Standards (ESS) are principles to achieve generational environmental health and economic profitability while maintaining turf to the highest standards. DAKOTA growing systems have proven to be solutions to attain these goals. The elements involved in this stewardship process are: water, energy, soil management, and efficient use of inputs. DAKOTA ESS are the product of four decades of research and success in the turf industry.

Giving Back to the Environment

DAKOTA Peat strives to better the environment by returning a great portion of the land we mine for peat products to an improved game refuge; planned waterways, nesting areas, and wooded areas for moose, deer, bear, ducks, and geese, etc. All projects are privately funded but are in full cooperation with the local Department of Natural Resources.

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