Elmwood Golf Course

SIOUX falls, sd

Rebuilding a golf course is never easy. But, when you have to go from seeding to playability in 90 days and the first 30 days bring over 19 inches of rain, the challenge grows astronomically. It’s a good thing superintendent Dan Wegener at the Elmwood Golf Course in Sioux Falls, SD, was prepared.

“I knew I could get decent germination with regular fertilization program. What I wanted was to find a product that would take my roots to the next level. Elmwood is one of the busiest courses in the state and I knew I had to do something differenet to have my turfgrass ready in time. So I did a lot of research on line, talked with my colleagues and ultimately chose REV.

When we seeded the bent grass, I incorporated dry granular starter fertilizers into grow-in program. In 4-5 days, I had good germination and a nice stand of grass on the greens surface. I then sprayed REV at 5 oz. per 1000 sq. ft. with a hand gun. 


What an incredible difference REV made even after only one week! The turf was visibly thicker, healthier and more vibrant. Even the areas that hadn’t originally germinated with the starter fertilizer were germinated and up within 7 days.


Amazingly, we did the first mowing of the greens at 21 to 25 days and the baskets were full! At the end of the year, we had roots that were up 11″ long from less than 80 days of growth.

With two more years of construction coming up, I am committing REV to my greens program across the board. I am a very happy customer.”