440 Turf Tender


Make your turf topdressing job easier with the highest quality material handler on the market – the DAKOTA Turf Tender 440. Complete with a 4.2-yard capacity and an A-frame hitch design, this material handler has the largest capacity with the best handling and the lowest PSI in the industry. 

Requires 40 HP tractor and 7-11 GPM hydraulics

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Features, Specifications, and Options



Height: 79 in.

Length: 192 in.

Width: 96 in. to 102 in.


Capacity: 4.2 yd.3 (3.21m.3) level, 5 yd.3 (3.82m.3) heaped

Dual hydraulic drive both forward and reverse

Trackless 18 in. PVC belt (crescent-style)

Powder coat paint

Hopper length: 100 in.

Electric front door or manual front door

Hydraulic rear door (with metering gate) or manual rear door metering gate

Maximum Transport Speed

Empty: 15 mph or 24 kph; not for highway use

Loaded: Dependent on terrain conditions for safe operation

Hydraulic System

2,500 PSI or 138 bar max

1 bank, 2 lines


Dual Spinner System

2 throw discs (24 in. diameter, 6 adjustable paddles per disc)

Quick change

2 hydraulic motors, 1 per spinner disc

Spreading width: 12 to 40 foot variable

Spreading application (extremely fine to very heavy)

Capable of spreading a large variety of materials


Heavy duty A-frame construction

Side-to-side walking axles

Jack stand

Electric brakes (2-wheel standard)

Tires (4)

33x16x16.1 DAKOTA Turf Tire

33x20x16.1 DAKOTA Turf Tire (optional)


Vehicle mount control panel for electric over hydraulic drive system controls all options

Side Conveyor

Belt width: 14 in. (crescent belt)

Conveyor length: 156 in. 

Conveyor discharge height: 55″ to 80″

Electric chute

Box Scraper

80 in. blade length (replaceable cutting edge)

Quick disconnect

Hydraulic down pressure

Float control


Optional Spinners

Black Spinners (fertilizer)

Green Spinners (grass seed)

Hopper Vibrator

4-Wheel Brake

Hydraulic Load Braker

Optional Auto Rear Door

Optional Roll Tarp

Optional Load Breaker

Optional Blender