REV Turf Pro Formula

Due to the inert nature of topdressing with sand, golf courses and sports field soils tend to lack soil structure and retention. REV Turf Pro will assist in correcting soils by helping to improve cation exchange capacity, nutrient holding, and water relationship.

REV has an incredible probiotic response that will aid in assisting biological diversity and health. Its buffering capacity will help to keep a positive biological relationship in the soil food web, as well as improving root health and vigor. Regular use of REV Turf Pro will also help assist in organic debris decomposition and give a better balance of healthy organic matter, enabling the plant to survive and thrive under stressful situations due to an increase in turf hardiness.

REV Crop Pro Formula

Unlike ordinary products, REV is a superior, naturally-occurring, organic carbon. It is the only crop product with the perfect natural profile to help dramatically improve plant and soil health. University and in-field tests have shown that REV can increase root mass, dramatically improve seed germination, produce sturdier plants, and increase stress tolerance.

REV Lawn & Garden

REV is an entirely organic concentrate that may increase plant blooming and fruiting, root masses, and nutrient uptake, as well as fertilizer and chemical effectiveness, for improved benefits such as color vibrancy, soil biology, and water retention.

This natural formula helps you move toward a more organic experience by using less fertilizer and other inputs, while aiding in improved growth in all plants from flowers, fruits, and vegetables to trees and lawns – ultimately resulting in healthier, faster-growing, and stronger plants that thrive.

REV Potato Seed Treat

An organic-based treatment to maximize seed potato performance. REV PST 7030 has been found to promote wound healing, along with increasing stands and yields, without the need for irritating bark mixes.

REV Granular

Get all of the benefits of DAKOTA Peat in the form of a granular that can be easily integrated into topdressings or a variety of other applications. DAKOTA Peat is 100% organic, has a high cation exchange ratio (CEC) and retains water better than porous ceramics.

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