Glenwood Golf Course

Glenwood, ia

Keith Harvey inherited a course that needed some TLC. Hired in February as superintendent of Glenwood Golf Course, Harvey found spongy, thick greens almost totally covered in gray snow mold.

Harvey immediately fell back on his understanding and appreciation of organics and good microbial activity, and called Dakota Peat.

In February he applied 10 tons of 80/20 Dakota Peat and sand on the greens to fill the existing aerification holes. Within a few weeks, he saw some pretty extreme results – the snow mold began to disappear and the greens firmed.


He used the same Dakota program on the Par 3 tee boxes with REV and sand, and found rhizome development in 72 hours without adding any supplemental nutrition.

By March 1, Harvey had green fairways and players on the course, even though the trees had no leaves and surrounding clubs weren’t even open for business.