Silos Country Club

Kevil, KY

“A few years ago, we hit an absolutely crucial time at our golf course,” says Bob Jones, co-owner, Silos Country Club in Kevil, KY. “About a third of our bent grass greens were failing. We did everything we knew to do, but over and over again our new grasses would grow in, develop dry spot, get diseased and fail.” “We started doing research and heard that Dakota Peat could help with the dry spot. Reluctantly, in 2016, we aerified some troubled greens, topdressed with Dakota Peat and then brushed it in. Amazingly, even in bad weather conditions, we saw some nice results.” “In 2017, we called Robin Dufault who explained how Dakota Peat products could help. We started in April and aerified every green, topdressed with peat and then sprayed three cases of REV.” “We had good results. Every green has improved. Some are perfect and some still have a way to go. What’s key to me is that we had greens that dramatically improved over the summertime and that’s not our growing season! Normally, we get a decline.” “Plus, I think we used 20% less water this year, applied no wetting agents and reduced the chemicals we had to use. Amazing!”