Baytree National Golf Links

Melbourne, FL

Jordan Ellis came into his job with a course covered with problems. In fact, an external lab report showed that the course showed signs of every major Florida turfgrass disease.

In addition to using a regular fungicide program, Ellis experimented with a 50/50 blend of Dakota Peat and medium-grade sand. The treated areas were so much improved that he began to use it everywhere.

Then he heard about REV Turf Pro and hand-sprayed a test area of the greens, using a 6-ounce sample bottle with 2 gallons of water. “We saw an even bigger difference,” Ellis says. “So, I used a foliar spray at one quart per acre with fungicide for the entire green. Dakota helped with the recovery of the plant. The results speak for themselves.”


The photos below were taken over a 4-week period and show the results of Ellis’ program with Dakota. By 5 weeks, there was no sign of disease.