Opp Construction

Grand Forks, ND

REV treated seed after fifteen days of growth (left) is as lush and healthy as newly laid sod (right).

Opp Construction does a lot of business in Grand Forks, ND, so when a new product proves to save time and money after being tested on a job, it gets a lot of attention. Just ask Carrie Frankl, project manager.

Last year, Opp Construction decided to add REV to a tank mix that was applied on a job for the city of Grand Forks Parks Department and saw some pretty good results. Still needing a little more convincing, they decided this year to try REV at an apartment complex they had just finished building.

To alleviate customer concerns about a possible uneven grow-in, Opp contracted to use sod for the highly visible areas like the front entrances, but requested that they be allowed to hydroseed with REV everywhere else. Adding 2.5 gallons of REV per acre, Opp applied 3,300 gallons of hydroseeding mix to the less conspicuous areas.

Frankl and his team saw such fast germination and incredibly lush grow-in that when the sod was put in just fifteen days later, there was little visible difference between the two areas. What was different was that the REV turf was already well-established with a strong root mass and far healthier plant.

For Opp, this project showed that using REV means an earlier sign-off on the project, faster payment and a significant reduction in warranty claims. For Opp’s customers, it means peace-of-mind and a considerable savings in landscaping costs.