550 Turf Contractor


The 550 Turf Contractor from DAKOTA is designed to carry a big load with a light footprint. This heavy-duty unit has a 4-yard, 10,000 lb. capacity and an extremely durable frame with walking axle beam for superior strength.

A 4000 lb. tractor is recommended.

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Capacity: 4 yd.3

Box dimensions: 84 in. x 120 in.

Overall length: 172 in.

Width: 96 in.

Floor height: 38 in.

Weight: 3,080 lbs.

Tires: 33 in. x 16 in. x 61.1 in.


Automatic tail gate

Jack stand

A-frame construction

4-wheel walking beam axles

16 in. removable sides


2 or 4 wheel brakes

20 in. DAKOTA Turf Tires