411 Turf Tender


The 411 Turf Tender features the familiar 410 hopper size but offers two tires per axle for superior flotation. The Turf Tender 411 series from DAKOTA Peat & Equipment is designed for superintendents to save time and labor costs, and meet turf maintenance needs, be it spreading dry or wet, light or heavy, wide or narrow.

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Overall length: 144 in.

Overall width: 60in.

Height: 50 in.

Weight: 1,400 lbs. 


Capacity: 23 ft3. (0.65m3) level, 27 ft3. (0.76m3) heaped

Trackless 18 in. PVC belt (crescent-style)

Rear door adjusted from 0 in. to 7 in.

Powder coat paint

Hopper length: 76 in.


Dual Spinner System

2 Throw discs (24 in. diameter, 6 adjustable paddles per disc)

Quick change

2 hydraulic motors, 1 per spinner-disc

Spreading width 12 ft. to 40 ft. variable

Spreading application (extremely fine to very heavy)

Capable of spreading large variety of materials


Welded heavy-duty A-frame construction

Jack stand

Tires (4)

4 Ultra Trac Turf Tires 26.5 x 14 x 12








Electric over hydraulic machine (controls belt and spinner speed from the vehicle mounted control panel with speed gauges)

Manual hydraulic machine (valves on the side of the machine to control the belt and spinner speed) with vehicle mounted on/off switches

Optional Spinners

Black spinners (fertilizer)

Green spinner (grass seed)


Optional Rear Conveyor

Optional Auto Rear Door

Optional Roll Tarp