What Makes Our Side Dumps Unique?

June 2, 2021

By Kelsey

Like all Dakota Products, HMI Side Dump trailers were designed and built to meet our customer’s needs. A local contractor came to us in frustration. He has had a lot of experience with side dump trailers but still couldn’t find one that met all his needs. There were many features of each trailer he owned that had their pros and cons. He wanted a better Side Dump Trailer. Our team of engineers here at Dakota took all the things he liked about other trailers and created the HMI Side Dump Trailer. It was a big success and is now a very popular product we build. We offer custom colors and many wheel configurations. One unique feature of the HMI trailer is the torque tube located inside the frame. This torque tube decreases trailer twists to increase stability. This helps reduce rollover due to materials sticking inside the tub. HMI Side Dump Trailers also come with add-on options to create the most profitable equipment for your business. With features like 2 and 3 axle configuration, Air Ride, a retractable Tarp, Lift Axle. We can even make your HMI trailer with a 3/16” AR400 steel tub to create a lighter trailer. For more information or any extra configurations call us today at 800-477-8415.

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