Woodward Aviation

Varnville, SC

From high above the earth, Jack Woodward views the world of farming a little differently.

“I’ve been a farmer and an agricultural pilot since the ’60s,” says Woodward.

“In this part of the country, the soils have been farmed for over 300 years. They’re sandy, coastal and completely depleted of nutrients and organic materials. I’ve done photo imagining that clearly shows the damage that’s been done because of years of improper herbicide usage.”

So in 2016, Woodward and his longtime friend Don Sharp, owner of a third-generation, 5,000 plus acre farm in Allendale, SC decided to test REV on 300 acres of wheat.

“We used my GPS to track the coordinates of where I sprayed the REV,” says Woodward. “The results were dramatic. With REV, there was an increase in tillers from each plant that produced a bigger yield. This is just what’s needed to rejuvenate these soils.”

Sharp agrees, and this year he went all in, ordering REV for all of his acres of wheat.