Olander Farms

Loveland, CO

Steve and Todd Olander, a father-son farming team in Loveland, CO saw the usual weather challenges in 2015 but overcame them with REV. After several planting attempts in a very rainy spring, they finally were able to plant their corn crop using 1 quart of REV in-furrow mixed with 3 gallons of starter fertilizer.

“One thing we noticed immediately was that when the corn broke through the hard crusting from the rain, the REV-treating fields were greener and had a more even stand,” says Steve. “The untreated field was off-color”.

When the rain quite, REV didn’t. For 30 days the fields were irrigated 24/7, and although the Olanders didn’t visibly discern that much growth difference between the treated and untreated fields, the yield results told a different story.

“We didn’t scale the corn, but the combine monitor showed a 15 to 17 bushel per acre difference between the treated and untreated fields,” says Todd. “On average, the untreated fields produced 215 bushels compared to 230 bushels on the REV treated fields. Our weight samples of the corn showed that we had 59 lb. versus 61 lb. test weights, harvested at 17 % moisture.”