Klassen Farms

Winkler, MB

Last year, we experimented with REV on corn and were pretty impressed with the results. We did three different one-acre plots that measured 20 feet wide by 1/2 miles long. Before seeding, the entire field was fertilized with 110N-40P-20K.

Trial Bushels per acre Moisture Lbs/bushel weight
No REV, no starter fertility 148.65 18.7 57.1
No REV, 2 gal 10-34-0 and 3 gal water in-furrow 153.8 18.1 57.7
REV at 1 L per acre, REV with 10-34-0 and 3 gal water in-furrow 164.5 18.6 57.5

“Our results showed that the fertility package alone improved yield by 5.15 bushels per acre. Adding REV resulted in an additional 10.7 bushels, for an overall increased yield of 15.85 bushels per acre.”