DRK Farms

Welcome, MN

Last winter found Darryl Krueger in the midst of a major research project to figure out how to boost his lagging soybean yield at DRK Farms in Welcome, MN. With his internet in high gear, Darryl search through testimonials from fellow farmers, product research from universities, manufacturer’s websites and ultimately Craigslist, where he responded to an ad for REV from supplier Doug Richards of Glacial Lake Organics in Rochester, MN.

Darryl liked what he heard and read about REV – an all-natural, humic organic compound that promised to increase plant health and yield. Applying REV at one quart per acre in-furrow at planting on his entire farm, he saw immediate results – the REV-treated beans germinated faster and produced healthier, taller plants than those on his neighbors’ farms.


By August, his REV acres showed better root systems with nodules almost the size of Darryl’s little fingernail, more than four times bigger than his neighnors’ untreated plants with nodules barely the diameter of a pencil. Nodules, of course, create the nitrogen needed to increase yield. And increase yield it did.

Come harvest time in October, Darryl’s crop brought in 52 bushels per acre, compared to his neighbor’s untreated beans that averaged about 40 bushels per acre. These results are even more astounding considering that Darryl planted beans on beans instead of his typical corn/bean rotation.

So, seeing an additional $16,000 in gross income using REV Darryl says that, absolutely, DRK Farms will again use REV on every acre, with an in-furrow treatment at planting and will also test doing an additional foliar application later in the season.


The following year Darryl tested REV as an in-furrow treatment on his non-GMO soybeans after treatment for the majority of his farm. Just to be sure, he also left a section of his farm for REV-based foliar applications only and another section where REV was not applied at all.

The significant differences in the yields are shown below:


Number of Acres Application Rates Yield per Acre
2.5 No REV applications 45 bu.
2.5 2 foliar sprays at 1/2 qt. each 50 bu.
145 1 qt. in-furrow with 5 gal. of water and 2 foliar sprays at 1/2 qt. each 60 bu.

In addition to greater yield, Darryl also had his soybeans tested for oil and protein. The REV treated beans scored 21.6 for oil and 42.2 for protein, 1.5 and 2 points higher respectively, than the beans of farmers around him.