Corrin Bowers and Son Farm

Luray, SC

‘Bud’ Bowers is a long-time cotton farmer at Corrin Bowers and Son Farms in Luray, South Carolina. This year, two things happened that will change the way he grows his crop forever.

The first was an accidental 2,4-D herbicide burn on 60 acres of cotton that sent Bud to the phone to talk to Dakota’s Robin Dufault about a possible remedy. Dufault’s recommendation was a foliar application of 1 quart of REV per acre with water along with his regular 20-20-20 fertilizer. Fearing that he had lost those acres completely, Bud was thrilled that the REV application turned his crop around and produced a yield of 1,100 lbs. per acre.

Second, Bud heard about REV’s ability to promote root growth and decided to test it in areas of the farm where the sandy and draughty soils had a history of producing little or no growth. Bud applied 1 quart of REV per acre on the cotton seed in-furrow with fertilizer. By the end of the season, the REV-treated acres produced 126 pounds more per acre.

Bud was thrilled that the worst ground on his farm had produced even more than his best.