The City of Grand Forks

Grand Forks, ND

For Mark Aubol, the work is just never done. As the street superintendent of Grand Forks, ND he and his crew are always fixing potholes or removing snow on the 700 miles of streets they maintain. As a 38-year city employee it takes a lot to get Mark’s attention, but this year something did.

 “The city has a new rain garden area and I had heard a lot about DAKOTA Peat, so I thought I’d give it a try. So I mixed a combination of REV and DAKOTA Peat with the seed and you just wouldn’t believe how fast the grass came in. We actually got a lot of calls about it because I bet it was only about 20 days and the grass was filled in. No one could believe it.”

So, when the seed in the area around the new addition to one of the public works buildings wasn’t taking, Mark decided to test out the DAKOTA Peat and REV combination again. Sure enough, despite really poor soil and an off-brand of grass seed, there was lush green grass three weeks later.

Mark is so impressed with the products, he uses them at home, has encouraged the head of the parks department to use them and is working now to get DAKOTA Peat and REV into the city’s purchasing specs for any future restoration projects. “This is just a no-brainer,” says Aubol. “You see growth right away. And that’s important on our projects. Using REV and DAKOTA saves the city water, time, and money.