DAKOTA Tree Transplanter


The DAKOTA Tree Transplanter systems utilize proven designs and modern features for efficient transplanting. Available in two sizes, 65-inch or 90-inch, this unit can be mounted on a truck or attached to a payloader or excavator. A wireless remote control allows the operator to maneuver freely, providing a clear view for precise control and added safety. An optional camera system allows you to align the unit to trees quickly and accurately for fast, effortless operation.
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DAKOTA Tree Transplanter

Truck Mounted Model 65 download video

Truck Mounted Model 90 download video

Available in 65-inch and 90-inch models, the DAKOTA Tree Transplanter is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and is designed to be faster, safer, and even easier to operate. The low-maintenance, high-quality tree spade digs true 65-inch and 90-inch holes and offers standardized replacement parts.

DAKOTA Tree Transplanter


DAKOTA Tree Transplanter

Loader Mounted Model 90 download video

Three Pod Trailer Model 390 download video

The excavator- or loader-mounted model 90 Transplanter and 390 Transporter are built stronger and require less maintenance than any other on the market. The excavator-mounted 90 Transplanter allows for the planting of trees over banks and hills where other machines can’t go. The 390 Transporter features an air-ride trailer with a manual dump valve, three 90-inch cylinder tilt pods with hydraulic safety locks for secure transportation, and guaranteed delivery.