How Does DAKOTA Peat Work?

Soil Mixes

DAKOTA Peat is completely processed for excellent mixing, reducing or eliminating the need for special shredding or mixing equipment.

You'll require less DAKOTA Peat but ... You'll get greater results

DAKOTA Peat's uniform mixing makes more effective use of it's plant feeding ability and water holding capacity which reduces fertilization and irrigation.

Golf course construction and top dressing mix ratio:

  • 10% DAKOTA Peat
  • 90% SAND

Water Conservation: Save up to 60%

Easy to Use

  • Maintain your turf with less water. Simply spread DAKOTA Peat on your turf or
    turf problems.
  • DAKOTA Peat acts as a natural insulation against evaporation, reducing heat stress
    and field loss.
  • It will not float away or be picked up by mowers -- like conventional products.
  • The life expectancy of DAKOTA Peat is many times longer than conventional peat
    or mulches.