5 Reasons to REV up your Yields this Year

Dakota REV is an organic growth stimulant that gives crops a boost unlike anything else.  Whether you apply it at planting or as a foliar application in early season, REV can help promote root growth and may even aid your crops in absorbing more nutrients.  Here are a few key things to know about REV.

  1. ITS VERSATILE – REV can be used for a variety of crops and applied in a variety of ways and locations. REV has boosted yields of corn, soybeans, wheat, and sugar beets as well as many others around the world.


  1. ITS SIMPLE – REV can be applied in-furrow while planting or integrated into your existing spraying program. At 1 quart per acre, REV can even serve as your surfactant in spring.


  1. USING SOIL SCIENCE – REV uses soil science to help boost nutrient uptake in many crops and soils while increasing efficiency and lowering inputs for you.


  1. INCREASED EFFICIENCY – REV stimulates root growth by introducing a multitude of organic organisms that help crops to thrive and tolerate tough conditions like drought.


  1. THE YIELDS – REV provides a boost of micronutrients and organic material directly to your crops to thrive. Farmers from across the country have seen increases on many different crops.


The statements presented are applicable to individual results from real farmers.  Results will vary and may not provide identical results and experience for every individual.    


Dakota REV is a product of Dakota Peat & Equipment
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