DAKOTA Blenders

The DAKOTA 2250 Blender is the #1 blender in the world. It is the most accurate blender in the industry, able to blend any materials you want. It has blended materials for more professional and college stadiums than any other blender. It is used by companies in all different climates and areas of the country. The 2250 was designed to blend peat and sand for rootzone mixes. It is portable and can be moved from job to job or can be parked and used in one place. If you want to blend materials in bulk for construction projects or for topdressing, this is the blender you need.

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  • Hydraulic Drive System
  • 80 hp Diesel Engine
  • Electric Brakes on All Axles
  • 2 Compartments - 10 cubic yards each
  • Conveyor Belt Feed Measured by Adjustable Gates
  • Mixing Capacity - 250 tons per hour
  • Stacking Conveyor Piles - 12 feet high


  • Twin Gandy Applicators
  • Stacking Conveyor Lump Breaker
  • Pintle Hitch/ Ball Hitch/ Gooseneck
  • Catwalk
  • Electric Vibrator


  • Length: 25 ft. (w/Conveyor extended - 30 ft.)
  • Height: 10.6 ft. (w/Conveyor extended - 13 ft.)
  • Width: 8.3 ft.
  • Weight: 18,000 lbs.

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